can some one help me please confirm this you know if you are in to that kind of thing

well in retrospect what i’m really trying to ask long story short is is this>>>> or
f 13/14/329 12/13/334 3/3/372<<<<<<<<<this a normal index

f 13/14/329* 12/13/334* 3/3/372*

*=index in question

ok the long story from the horses mouth…

okay, so i’m trying to load obj files with vertex normals. i’ve exported a sphere from Maya with and these are what its face indicies look like.

vn 0.156233 -0.986415 -0.050763
vn 0.096557 -0.986415 -0.132900
f 12/13/333 11/12/340 2/2/376
f 1/1/377 2/2/376 11/12/340
f 13/14/329 12/13/334 3/3/372

and this is the out put from my program write before i pass these values to OpenGL like so

glNormal3f(pObject->pNormals[ normIndex ].x, pObject->pNormals[ normIndex ].y, pObject->pNormals[ normIndex ].z);

here is the out put:

norm index 332 normals 0.277578/ -0.881468/ -0.382053
norm index 339 normals 0.277578/ -0.881468/ -0.382053
norm index 375 normals 0.277578/ -0.881468/

they are adjusted by -1 to fit into an array but otherwise identical.

so i’m guessing what i’m trying to ask is. in this format what is the third index of the faces supposed to be ie. f ??/??/??
i’d assumed that was a normal index. though i had found it odd that it didn’t match the vertex index. anyhow the routine is not taking. i modified an obj loader i’d downloaded that read in vertices and texcoords and calculated the norms… but i wanted to have them off hand for convenience so i could write a mesh deformation or skin animation routine. which i was just going to use linear interpolation to do thatright now. is that the best way off hand??? what is btw? but on second thought i guess i could just preposses the frames normals same o’le. please let me know.

thanks a million


PS i just noticed that the normals are identical for faces. i guess i should flip that smoothing flag before export not that it matters. why does this not take is beyond me???

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well its working now. i don’t know what the deal is. some models work others don’t. any clues why?