Can I make static background?


I’m doing a program whereby I have an bitmap image displayed in the background (I meant I draw the bitmap image in the X-Y plane) and in the front of them I will draw some primitives let’s say a cube.

In the subsequent of my program I will have to move the box arround, to be precise I translate the box using mouse function. Each time the mouse function is called I have to redisplay the scene using glutPostRedisplay(). There the problem arise. The screen blinking as the program trying to draw every single pixel of the bitmap image.

Can you suggest anyway I can use to solve my problem? Is there anyway I can make my background bitmap image (the one in x-y plane) static, I meant can I make this background image kept there without being redraw or redisplay (meaning static there)?

thank you

Turn on doublebuffering.


That’s great…

It works for my program… thank you