can i get some pixel help here?

all i want to be able to do is make and read pixels, with 256 values of R,G,& B. i am new to Ogl and i do not know what the fastest way to do this is.

fastest in terms of writing code or drawing? look up drawpixels read pixels and texturemapping an image on a quad


fastest in terms of drawing.

For drawing make your image a texture and then map that to a quad. Image needs to be 2^n dimensions, if it isn;t you’ll have to pad it and rescal it when you texture map it. For reading I am not sure if there is a quicker way than glreadpixels. Maybe you can get a pointer to the buffer and pass that around. Quicktime libraries may also help for this and saving thje image if you want to do that.

texture a little dot onto a quad???

all i want is to be able to be able to draw one little pixel at a time to the screen in 32-bit color in real time, not textures


glvertex3f(x, y, z);