Can I get help???

hi all,

i am here for the first time. i am trying to develop a graph (3D) which is supposed to draw a 3D graph (XYZ coords), reading inputs from a file. i was wondering if OpenGL would help?

definitely, check out the Red Book and NeHe tutorials, you can get there by clicking on the Coding link on the main page (left side).
You can also use Direct3D, but openGL is easier to learn.

Thanx Wolf. can you please be more specific? i’m doing it on VC++. Basically, the 3D graph should appear on a docking window. Can I get the graph code anywhere?

VC++ is perfect for what your trying, and OpenGL should suit you fine. As wolf said, look in ‘The Red Book’ (otherwise known as the OpenGL programmers guide) and at NeHe’s tutorials, they are really easy to follow and they will take you from simply installing the SDK and DLLs right through to fancy environment mapping, shaddowing and other cool stuff of the like. As for getting the code for the graph, whats the fun in that. Learn some OGL, get codeing and write your own. It’ll be a whole lot mode enjoyable and you’ll be able to do cool 3D stuff by the end of it all.

You can find an online version of the RedBook second edition here…ullhtml;lang=sv