Can I do it without GLUT?

Stupid question? Probably.

Is there any other way to code openGL without using glut? Not so much as a yes or no answer is needed, but if any of you know of any other way to code openGL, please give a hollar. Thanks! Also, any tutorial URL’s would also be appreciated =)

Its not that I think that GLUT is hard, its just that GLUT doesnt want to work with my VC++6.0. I know I know, and your all probably saying “what a fu**ing newbie!”, and yer right, I don’t have too much xp with openGL, but Ive been coding for a while in C++. Any help would be appreciated with my previous post, “Error in VC++6.0”.

Well, unless you have experience with either Win32 or MFC, I would suggest sticking to GLUT until you get said Win32 or MFC experience.

Maybe your question should be, “Why can’t I get GLUT working on my VC++6.0?” Also a detailed explaination of the problem would help us correct it.

For a detailed explaination of the problem, please see Post “Error in VC++6.0”, thank you

C++ is a case specific language (don’t know if it’s really called like that… english isn’t my native language)

You are using Main() while it should be main()

This is what I also wrote in your other topic…

For non glut OpenGL try Nehe OpenGL Tutorials @


I use SDL:

after using glut, my switching to win32 using nehe basecode was fine, i’m not expert in windows programming but many usefull basic things that gluts has are in this basecode.

despite that, i start to see some things that i would not have done like nehe and a day i will try to modify some part of his code.
feel free to use something else than glut.