Can I display live video from cameras in Opengl window ?

If you study about augmented reality, you may know AR-ToolKit.

This library displays live video in OpenGL window and also draws 3D objects.

Do I have to use Direct Input or something to display live video in OpenGL window ?

Or, is it a different problem from OpenGL ??

GL is only about displaying. It would be really cool if, for example Ati would provide an extension to get video from camera the vid’card video input - however, I don’t think you can actually do it with GL alone.

directX surely got what you need - you may also check out another thing called OpenML (not sure about the name however).

After you read the input, it should just become a texture and here you go.


Well, I already read a little about OpenML.

But I think it is not quite sure I would use it…

Hmm… the only solution will be to get video input from direct input and display it using OpenGL by texturing or setting pixel color.