Can I Compile Register combiners....

Into a display List?

Something like

and then call them later using glCallList()?

Please do let me know if this is possible… as the spec doesnt clearly indicate this.

I have another doubt, Can I Setup the Register combiners once and then Enable and Disable them mutiple times?. In other words, I want to find out if the Combiner state is intact after i call glDisable(GL_REGISTER_COMBINERS_NV) so that I can just reenable it later using glEnable(GL_REGISTER_COMBINERS_NV)and the Combiner is set according to the way I set it before?


Well, yes for both questions. But why don’t you just try it out and see if it works


You wrote that it’s not specified but in fact it is specified.
From OpenGL specifications : “certain commands, when called while compiling a display list, are not compiled into the display list but are executed immediately. These are: …”
If register combiners were not compiled, then the extension would have specified an addition to the “display list” chapter.

In fact, it is allowed because it is not specified that it is forbidden.