Can GLFW / Shader support multiple views?

Hi All,

I’m working on Windows Application. and have 4 separated child windows which to draw same objects through different camera views.

I have a problem that only one of 4 can show drawing but not rest of others.
Is there a example that I can refer to?

Thanks you!

I suppose you may want 4 output color attachments of fragment shader and use them as the separate texture for displaying on different viewports.

Thanks for your sharing.
Can you please give me some more details? can there be any samples or references on this? :pray:

How? GLFW only supports the creation of top-level windows.

If you’re using the Win32 API to create windows, you need to use it (along with the wgl* functions) to manage OpenGL contexts. Toolkits such as GLFW or GLUT only work with windows created through their own API.

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