Can compressed_paletted_texture really reduce memory usage?

My image does not have many colors(less than 256), I heard that compressed_paletted_texture is best for this situation, so I used that.
But I notice that the memory is not reduced. For a image of 1024*1024, I thought the memory used is 8Bits * 1024 * 1024 + 32Bits * 256 = 1M + 1K, but in fact the memory used is much much more.
My question is, for compressed_paletted_texture, what does the memory store for each pixel, index data or color data. I thouth is index data, but the fact seems the answer is color data.

What memory are you measuring and how are you measuring it? As far as I recall there is no easy way to measure the amount of memory GL is using to store a texture.

That said, IIRC there is no requirement in the specification that the textures be stored in compressed form. It is possible that some implementations expand the image on loading because they do not have hardware support for paletted textures. In OpenGL ES 3 I recommend using ETC2 textures which are supported in hardware by, I think, all implementations on mobile devices.

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