Can collada handle interactive code as well?


Can Collada contain pre-triggered animations as well? For instance would it be possible to script UI assets for transition animations etc - in some application and then have that exported out into Collada format ready for a simple game engine to just load and trigger motions?

Meaning - can collada have animation data that is held for later us triggered by the game engine… ?

So the animator can make assets AND animations for various modes… and the game engine just needs to load it and trigger at the appropriate times?



Sure. COLLADA is a intermediate language that is declarative and tries to impose no run-time policy. So you are free to import and process the documents with a great deal of freedom.

ah thanks for that reply.

Is Collada ok to eventually use as a container file-format for the game engine?

or is it really just designed to be an development application interchange?

I had assumed it was just a model interchange format… but now i see it can hold physics info, animation etc…

i would be great if it was used as an actual game engine file format in my mind.

Crytek is one example of taking their use of COLLADA in that direction.