Can COLLADA composite?

I have been using Collada to export .dae files from 3ds Studio Max 2009 into an OpenGL engine. I know very little about OpenGL, I am on the 3d modeling side.

I have several animations that involve some advanced compositing and visual effects work in Combustion 4.0. They are several complex models, animations, and layers.

My question is can collada work with programs like Combustion or After Effects?


After Effects CS4 can import 3D Layers from Photoshop now and 3D Layers can be COLLADA models:

CS4 also has improved OpenGL support:

Here is a great tutorial showing just what your talking about.

Hopefully, other packages will be this smooth.
It would save a ton of time not only bringing in rendered passes, but also 3D information. If there is any other programs that work this smoothly together, please post.