Can an 1.3 opengl card run the 1.4 ogl games?

My geforce ti 4200 is a open gl 1.3 card.Can it run an 1.4 open gl application without a loss of quality?For example my card is directx 8.x,and if i run a game or a bench that use directx 9 (for example 3dmark 2003) i can’t see many thing (expecially pixel shaders 2.0 and vertex shader 2.0).It is the same for the open gl or ogl doesn’t require a specific hardware acceleration?

A quick rule of thumb is that each game should have a minimum version number that is needed in order to run properly. That should be your guide. With each new version of OpenGL or DirectX, features are added that are not present in older versions. If the game uses these new features, then naturally it won’t work properly on the older drivers.

By the way: You should be able to upgrade your TI 4200 drivers by visiting Nvidia’s website. I have the same card and I am running their latest drivers which has OpenGL 1.4 support. Always check to see if there is a driver update for your video card before deciding if your card meets requirements or not.

Ok,i’ve already updated the drivers with the latest present on,but my question is:my gfx is certified for directx 8.x and ogl 1.3.I can use games that require directx 9 and open gl 1.4 but for the directx 9 some features are not available.Is the same for the ogl?I can’t use the new features added?

If your drivers say they support a certain version of GL, then there is no need to have any doubts.

With DX, its different. Even if you install DX9 for your DX8 card, it doesnt make it a DX9 capable card.

That`s the difference. DX has to be separatly downloaded and installed (some huge file), and then you need to install your video drivers.

With GL, you only need the video drivers.