Can a fast CPU make up for a slow grafix card?


I have a laptop with a pentium III running at 650 megahertz and 256 megabytes of ram. it has plenty of speed in everyhting but 3d stuff. It has a built in ATI Rage Pro LT. When I run 3d Games, I cna get outstanding resolution in software rendering, where the CPU is doing the work, but the games have bad resolution and framerates in OpenGL and worse in DirectX.
So there is my problem, when I try to run the games in openGL, which has much better loighting effects than the software rending the card cannot handle it. But I want to know, is there any special driver or patch that will shift the decoding of openGL form my card to my CPU (Sorta of an openGL emulator). If so, where can I get it??

You got what you want already … when you start an OpenGL application it checks for valid OpenGL hardware drivers, if it doesn’t find any it falls back to microsofts software renderer.