Cameras: Focal Length


is the focal length of cameras (Maya: focal distance) specified in the 1.4 spec? I need it for DOF effects.

No, it is not an attribute of the optics in the common profile.
But that is something that can be added easily as an extra element for Maya if you ask nicely the Feeling Software guys, and could make its way to the common profile in the next release.

Thanks for the feedback. Please make sure to open a bug/RFE in the bugzilla so we can keep track of this request.


> focal length of cameras (Maya: focal distance)

It would be a bad idea to have Maya’s “focal distance” treated as the “focal length”, because they are completely different (you probably knew that, but the phrasing of your post makes it look like you want the focal distance attribute to be exported as the focal length). The focal length refers to the type of lens (wide angle, telephoto, etc.) while the focal distance refers to the distance from the center of the lens to the point that is in focus.

Since you aren’t asking for F/Stop data to be exported, I’m guessing that what you want is the focal distance (if you are using the focal length to do a circle of confusion blur or similar then you generally also need both the aperture value and the filmback dimmensions in order to compute the confusion diameter and convert it into pixels).


Well, yes. I should have stated that more clearly: What I need is the distance.
Thanks for your hint.