camera options + ortho/prespective

i have 3 questions

how to zoom in and out using a keyboard input in a 3d shape,

and how to toggle between wireframe & solid with a keyboard input too,

and toggle between prespective & ortho

if anyone got samples plz post

homework ?

i am modeling and short on time and trying to add the keyboard inputs while modeling

The key input is dependens from your framework you can have to catch a windows message or your framework call a callback at the key pressure. We can’t help you if you don’t tell us your framework… and by the way it’s totally openGL unrelated. :stuck_out_tongue:
To zoom in and out you can change the FOV of your projection matrix or move the camera.
To switch between wireframe and solid check the glPolygonMode functions.
To toggle between perspective and ortho… change the projection matrix. :-\