Camera movement physics like BlackAndWhite

I write a simulation program about logical circuits. In the simulation, there is a breadboard that you can think of it as a terrain. I use a semisphere for the movement physics of the camera. It works currently in such a way, cam rotates on the yz-plane and the
breadboard rotates about the cam looking-point origin on the xy plane (z-axis is sky). Here my aim is to create a cam movement physics as used in the games BlackAndWhite and Singles. Currently, if I don’t rotate the breadboard, it is working in the way that I want. but when the breadboard is rotated about the cam looking-point on the xy plane and after I move the cam (i.e. when I want to move the cam semisphere on xy-plane), the breadboard moves with
respect to its initial coordinate system (e.g. imagine that the cam is looking at the breadboard from left side of the breadboard, when you want to pull the breadboard toward yourself, it moves toward left instead of you).
I tried a few algos, but I couln’t achieve such a cam physics. I am a newcomer for OGL. Thanks a lot for your interest.