Camera Collision using GL

I am wondering if opengl can be used to detect camera collisions. My idea is to use GL_SELECT rendering mode and render the scene using different cliping planes to find any objects colliding with the camera. I believe that it can work, but I am affraid it will be time consuming. If anybody has any idea please let me know.

Thank’s in advance

if i understand your question nikolaki you want to check whether your camera collides with something. if i were you i would regard the camera as a point in world-space and do the collision detection for this point. (tell me if i am mistaken). using clip planes isn’t the fastest thing to let opengl do.
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Using select mode with clipping planes is definitely BAD idea. OpenGL is meant for rendering only! Use standard collisions for this instead.
has a tutorial in the opengl section that you need along with tuts on other typs of collision.

Try the intersection between camera and objects. That is the fastest way!!!

Thank you for your answers! Unfortunatelly it seems that it’s a bad idea using camera clipping planes (not a fast one). Use of point (or sphere) to object collision detection is a more appropriate solution. Thanks again.