Camera - calculating direction, up and right vectors

I find myself in need of calculating the direction, up and right vectors of a camera. I need the actual vectors and not just use a gluLookat function. Does anyone know how to calculate these?


Maybe this old FAQ of mine will help:

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Thanks Steve. Part of my problem may come from the fact that my matrix library (glMatrix-0.9.6) defines matrices to be of the form

m0 m1 m2 m3
m4 m5 m6 m7
m8 m9 m10 m11
m12 m13 m14 m15

Where m12 = x position m13 = y position and m14 = z position.

So if I wanted to pull out my direction, up and right vectors from the view matrix how would I do this?

For a simple rotate/translate matrix:

m12/13/14 is the XYZ of the translation.
m0/1/2 is the X vector
m4/5/6 is the Y vector
m8/9/10 is the Z vector

…if you have scales or shears or perspective in your matrix - then you have a bigger problem!

CameraUp = CameraMatrix * vec4(0,1,0,0)
CameraRight = CameraMatrix * vec4(1,0,0,0)
CameraForward = CameraMatrix * vec4(0,0,-1,0)

Not the most efficient method, but it works. If you worked out the math, shortcuts could probably be found.

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