Calllists and variables?

Hi, ive become stuck on textureing quads in a calllist?

The textures are all fine, but im trying to make it so when the quad is scaled up, the textures DONT, but instead stay the same and repeat.

The quads are in a calllist thats generated at the beginning.

So, i did it by setting the texcoords to a variable which was the scale size of the quad? So as the scale went up, so did the texcoords? But at runtime, they dont. Nothing happens there still being scaled up??

Ive checked the variable and that is working and ive removed the vars from the texcoords and set a fixed higehr number and run it and they repeat just fine?

Can i not have variables in calllists?


Its ok, ive relised now to use the Texture Matrix transform textures


ok, ive now realised that i cant now alter each quad in the calllist, this just alters all texcoords for all quads?

How can i make it so i can individually at runtime, alter the scale and rotation of textures within a calllist?