Calling a high number of individual polygons.

Ive ran into a snag in my opengl program (note: I haven’t been doing OpenGL long). I need to know how to call millions of individual polygons very quickly (small triangles, that is). I currently do this with a loop, but its way too slow, as it just adds one more polygon at a time. Thanks in advance.

If the triangles never move, then you could use a display list. (Probably the fastest way of rendering static geometry) Or use Vertex arrays, and use glDrawElements, to render all the polys with one call.


Are all the polygons visible? - are some to far way to be seen, or don’t face the camera or are blocked by other polygons. If so you could drasticly speed up the rendering process by eliminating hidden polygons.
If you don’t know how to there are numerous websites giving different techniques.

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