Call Of Duty - Sound Problem

De game starts well, with sound, but,when the action starts, i dont have sound on sistem…

Use all needed to play the game, my soundcard is better than the minimum requirement…and the sounds play on introduction of the game…

whats happening???

does anyone could help??? tks

Get the newest sound card drivers and see if that helps. If you have onboard sound go to that companies site and see if they have an update.

The problem is junt on game…the sounds is good in the open of the game, include de trailer, but when i go to play, i dont have sound…other games are fine and i dont have problem… by the way, i played the demo and its okay…dont know what going on…

i have that same problem… check your console, there’s probably a line that says “warning: could not find any soundalias files (soundalias/*.csv)” or something like that. i’m still trying to figure out how to fix it…

I have the exact same symptoms. Onboard soundcard, which works fine with every other application

Same here - tried every possible setting. Have reinstalled card and game but still the same problem. Inro music and everything is there just now sound in game.

i fixed mine, i don’t know if it’ll work for everybody, but here is how i did it:

check the pk3 files in the “main” directory. each one should be about 160mb, except for pak5 and pak6 (77 and 600, roughly). one of the pk3 files, i don’t remember which one (either pak1.pk3 or pak2.pk3) was only about 52mb. for some reason it didn’t install properly, and this is the file that contains all the in game sounds. so i had my friend send me the correct sized pk3 file, and everything works fine now. if you don’t know anyone that can send you the file, maybe you can just copy it directly from the cd. (explore cd rom drive containing CoD, find the pk3 file, copy + paste).

hope that helps you guys out.

Well not really, but your suggestion fixed my problem. U rawk!

Happy to be of service to you

Hey Prof ya really ROCKS!!
solved my prob too!!!