Call for Jwatte to be chief moderator

I call for jwatte to be appointed chief moderator, and therefore responsible for moderating all other moderators. It’s just ridiculous - off-topic threads have been seen to go on for 2 or sometimes 3 posts without a single act of moderation. We need someone like jwatte to act on behalf of…err, well whoever moderators are acting on behalf of. (certainly not me)
Give that man a LOCK button NOW!

Just curious, but what happens if Dorbie locks a thread started by, say, Eric? Does Dorbie have to unlock the thread, or can Eric unlock it himself? And is there some kind of unwritten understanding between moderators about locking threads initiated by each other? Sort of like the free masons? Will dorbie start initiating commercially sponsored threads? How do I apply a bump map to this can of COCA-COLA? Heck it looks so good, with that same great taste and natural goodness.

Where is a moderator when you need them!?


From what I have seen so far, Dorbie et all are doing a good job. Sure, they aren’t the fastest at catching OT posts, but it is better than what we had in the past is it not?

Now lets see how long before this OT post gets locked!

Indeed! Believe it or not, our current moderators -do- have a life outside of! Give 'em a break – they’re doing a great job, so far. . .

I assume your post is a joke, but incase it isn’t. The fact is that I’m pretty cautious about locking any thread and I’ve still managed to provoke complaints when I have.

More moderators may be the answer if you want more moderation, I’m not sure everyone agrees we need more. However one or two posts before an OT thread shutdown seems reasonable.

I would second any attempt to make jwatte a moderator, but he may have said no to an offer for all I know.

Any moderator can open close delete or move any thread, and delete & edit individual posts.

Moderators are not camping in the forums waiting eagerly for an opportunity to close threads or delete posts and I doubt jwatte would be the supermoderator you expect with respect to your perceived problem. Although I think he would be a great moderator.

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