Calculating texel value in vertex shader

hi all,
program goal:

to do displacement mapping on a object (head.obj), for which i cannot
give tex cood for each vertex from the program.

i already have:

a displacement map and code of how to do disp mapping in vertex, and
fragment shader

what i do need:

a value to pass on to
vec3 disp=vec3(texture2D(displacementMap,;

i want the texture to stick to the object, and not move with the
camera, or object rotation. simulation of texgen parameter

does any of u know, how to figure out the texel value in the vertex
using the vertex position as the reference possibly?

i already tried:
gltexgen - wont work since it is a fixed functionality.

Not sure what you have going on there.

Might want to have a gander at this for inspiration.

P.S. Yes, it’s in Cg, but the translation is trivial.

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