CAD software complains 'No OpenGL acceleration' when it is started first

Hi Guys - I’m a newbie - so please pardon any basic mistakes I might make.

I’m running Solidworks 2014 on a Toshiba Satellite L500-13V laptop with a Mobile Intel GMA4500M graphics adapter and a Toshiba Trubrite screen with 1366x768 resolution. When I open Windows-10 ‘Settings/System/Display/Advanced/Adapter’, it says it has the latest driver for the graphics card - but actually Intel is not updating this adapter with new software. The OpenGL website doesn’t seem to have a download for Windows-10 yet - so what can I do to make my CAD software work well with the display system?

From what I can determine your laptop is a discontinued model from the Windows Vista era. Your best bet would be to downgrade the OS to Vista or Windows 7; that way you’re more likely to find a GPU driver that actually supports OpenGL.

Even if you do, you still don’t meet the system requirements for Solidworks 2014; please see for more info, in particular noting that you need 8gb of RAM (unless you’ve upgraded it, your Toshiba has only 2gb), also see where you can select “Any system vendor” and “Intel” and see that your GPU is not on the certification list.

Basically your computer just isn’t up to the job and you need a new one.