c++ win32 multiple windows

Im trying to render to multiple windows but i cant seem to get it to work.
I searched google for examples/tutorials about it but with no success.
If any of you know more about this please tell me.

Thanks in advance.



might find the answer there.

I am aware that it is easily done with GLUT but i prefer if there is some example without glut and with win32.


I don’t think there are many tutorials demonstrating multiple windows with only Win32-API.

What MZIskandar propably meant is that you can look at the source code of glut to get example code.

Basically you do the same as with a single window, so you end up with two (or more) rendering contexts, one for each window. Before calling any GL function, you have to make sure the context of the current window is selected (with wglMakeCurrent).