C++ OpenGL wrapper: interface similar to fixed pipeline, can export .collada

I asked the following question here:


if anyone wants to discuss it.

Most people re-write the code. People who write a wrapper write a wrapper which handles their specific requirements and nothing else. A wrapper which can handle the entire fixed-function pipeline is infeasible. So even if you can find a wrapper, it’s probably not going to work for your code.

The thing is, there isn’t all that much “real” software using glBegin/glEnd. Most code which has practical use either used vertex arrays from the outset or has long since been updated to do so.

As for export: typically you’d start from the data structure which you’re using to generate the data for rendering, as that’s likely to be structurally closer to what you need than a sequence of OpenGL commands would be. A wrapper which implements glBegin, glVertex (etc) and glEnd and dumps the data to an OBJ (or similar) file would be fairly straightforward. But exporting uniform state (lighting, materials, texture environment, transformations) is more awkward.

Thanks for the reply.
Sounds like I’ll need to find the time at some point to write my own thing, and I can’t see an easier way to go about it than what I suggested.

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