C++ Editor

im a big C++ programmer. i lik the style of VC++, is there anything lik C++ for linux mandrake?

kdevelop is what you’re looking for.

I use emacs for all languages


heh thx

Im a big fan of gnomes “anjuta”.

has everything I need.


i have kde and gnome and i dont have those editors. how do i get them?

sorry it took so long to reply ive been busy with school work.


Your using Mandrake right?


“Click on” the start button.
“” Applications.
“” Development
“” Development enviroments
“” kdevelop.


Type kdevelop, at the command prompt.


vi vi vi

im using mandrake 8.0 i havnt had the time to figure out how to update it.

http://anjuta.sourceforge.net/ for anjuta…

heh kool thx.

hey i went to install it and i keep getting this error

error: failed dependencies:
libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.2.3) is needed by anjuta-0.1.9-1

im pretty sure i typed the right commands in console to install it and i was in root. i typed

rpm -i anjuta-0.1.9-1.i386.rpm

any 1 got any ideas?

hey i just realized that i use KDE could that be the problem? i have GNOME but i hate that.

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You should compile from sources if the RPM you got is not exactly from your distribution.

KDevelop is on the install cds.
If you have SoftwareManager so run it,
click on the Installable,then click on
Flat List and find kdevelop.
That’s all.

kool i see kdevelop but the only problem is… software manager has neaver worked for me. ive asked some linux people and they told me that i should just learn rpm that software manager is really for red hat. do you know were the kdevelop rpm is on the cd? i no rpm ok but i think i could install it in konsole.


ok i found it on the cd but its just given me errors. all these “failed dependences” and when i use the software manager it says “bad unreachable packages” any 1 have any ideas?

i got kdevolpe!!! i upgraded to mandrake 8.2. but there is one problem. i installed everything for development and everything installed but one thing, XFree86-devel 4.2.0-10mdk now i cannt make visual projects. how do i get this file like a new one something must of screwed up during the dl.

thx for all your help!!!

I found them on rpmfind.net

go to this URL

ok i went to do that and it still didnt work. so i tryed to do it in konsole now it gives me an error but i dont know what it means

[root@NUKE nuke]# rpm -i XFree86-devel-4.2.0-10mdk.i586.rpm
error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/include/GL: cpio: rename failed

  • Os a directory

i got no clue what that means. i have mesa installed so i do have opengl.

use g++, gcc, kdevelope, or glade

Hm, Gvim, Vim or Elvis is not bad solutions. Small, fast, and powerful.