C++ Data Binding for COLLADA Schemas

We’ve just released version 2.0.0 of our Open Source XML Schema to C++ Data Binding Generator and were able to generate C++ code for both COLLADA 1.3.1 and 1.4 XML Schemas. For instructions please refer to this post.

This sounds very cool, but it looks like your licensing puts all generated code under the GPL and any use of the generated code, even within a single organization, requires that the full source code be made publicly available for any applications that link to the generated code. That’s probably a fairly strong disincentive to most people on this forum who might want to test out your product.


This is not correct. You can do pretty much anything with the generated code if you don’t distribute it (i.e., it stays in your organization). You don’t have to publish your source code and you can even use it commercially by, for example, puting it on your servers. In this regard, GPL allows you to do much more than a typical evaluation license.

My bad. I misread the terms on your license page, thanks for setting me straight, this looks much more reasonable.