C-code for 2D Delaunay triangulation


Starting from a set of 3D-points that I can visualise with OpenGL, I would like to triangulate this to a mesh (of triangles) with a 2D Delaunay triangulation, so I can put textures on it.
(There’s no need for 3D because I don’t work with full objects, but only parts of it.) I found some 2D Delaunay triangulation code on the internet, but either it was a part of a bigger whole, either it was written in java or so.
So, I’m asking if someone has a 2D Delaunay triangulation code, implemented in C.

Thank you!


Try these sites:

Also, see the paper “Fast Polygonal Approximation of Terrains and Height Fields” at

Lots of info at http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~jrs/meshf99/

Hope that helps! Cheers!