C++ Binding Enhancements

I’d like to suggest an enhancement to the C++ bindings to aid usability.
Currently there are several member functions that take a vector of devices. For example:

Context(const VECTOR_CLASS<Device>& devices, ...)

To use the above constructor with a single device, it is first necessary to make a vector containing the single device. I’d like to suggest adding matching functions that take a single device (where this makes sense), thereby avoiding the construction of a temporary vector
So for the above example

Context(const Device& device, ...)

Client code can then change from

cl::Context context(vector<cl::Device>(1, device));


cl::Context context(device);

Clearer and more efficient.

Does anyone have any comments on this?
What is the best way to submit this request?


What is the best way to submit this request?



Logged in bugzilla here: