C [Atioglgl.dll+0x335410]

Hello Everyone:

When running RuneScape, it crashes during certain graphical functions and I get the following error from the JVM:

C [Atioglgl.dll+0x335410]

The error is always the same, so to me, it looks like OpenGL is stepping on some memory that ATI is using. I’ve run the following URL and it says that I’m using OpenGL 3.0:


I have tried searching ATI’s site for an updated driver, but I can’t figure out which one I need (I have a disability which makes this a substantial hurdle).

Here is my PC info:

ThinkPad T42
ATI Mobility Fire GL T2 (Driver Version:
(Driver is dated 2/6/07)

Any help will be appreciated!



Addendum: I found the “supposed” driver on ATI’s site, but when I install it it says “Hardware not found on this computer”. This is where my disability comes in…I know there is a solution to my driver problem, but I am too slow to sift through all of the possible solutions (dead links, etc.) to find it.

Someone please help.

Thank you in advance,


The problem is the “mobility” video cards, which are often locked to use specific drivers by the integrator (Lenovo/IBM in your case).
There are ways around, to allow installing a proper video driver, but I don’t know much about this as I am a desktop user, nor a ATI user.

ZbuffeR…thank you very much! I’m getting closer and closer (slowly…lol) to solving this perplexing problem!

So, it looks like I need a “hack” to get around this problem. I found one in another forum, but the link had gone dead. I think it was a registry “hack”, if I remember correctly. Has anyone seen one that works?