During The Collada Talk at EG05(DUblin) I understood the Collada Group was to release a free C++ API to load/traverse a Collada document. The goal is to allow any software developper to quickly integrate Collada.

I thought the release was intended around 19 of sept.? Did I understood wrong? Is the library already released (can’t find any posts/links on the forums)? Is there any planned date?



The Collada DOM API was supposed to be released sometime in September.
Any updates about its release date ?


Due to longer than expected legal process, the COLLADA DOM is currently only available for Beta Testing.
Practically this means that you have to ask collada@collada.org for asking to participate in the Beta program, and that you cannot disclose any of this software, even in binary form, until the COLLADA DOM is released with the proper ‘public domain’ license.

I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have more information.


Is there any information available on the estimated release dates? I do not need exact information, but are we looking at a release in 1 or rather 6 months? This would be really helpful for planning.



I expect it around schema 1.4 release (currently slated to nov 4th) according to the roadmap:

This is what I am waiting for.