Buying a book: which one to buy?

Ok, I’ve done some coding in OpenGL and I’m dying to know more… and most important, I’m a beginner.
So instead of having to read online books and documents, I’ve decided to buy a real book. Now the thing is, I got two candidates: OpenGL Programming Guide (Addison-Wesley, 1999, The Blue Book?) and OpenGL Superbible (Waite group, 1999). These are my main candidates, but I also found this OpenGL Programming For Windows 95 and Windows NT (Addison-Wesley, 1997). Also available is OpenGL Reference Manual (Addison-Wesley, The Red Book?). Now of course I’d love to buy all of these books but unfortunately it’s not an option for a poor student…

Would you like to share your opinions on which book to buy? Right now I feel that the Addison-Wesley books are the best. The reference manual is cheap anyway, so I’m kinda looking a companion for that.


IMHO buy the red and blue books ('cept you got the colours round the wrong way ) although you can find older editions of the red book online. You use the red book quite a lot to learn concepts and the blue book more often as you become more advanced.

Hope that helps.

red book

Red Book for OpenGL ver. 1.1

If u want to buy a book for learning game programming read te red one and i recomend the book
“OpenGL game programming”

I agree. “OpenGL Game Programming” is a great book.

after many month of disapointments,
i now know why the red book is so famous.
At startup it wasn’t of a great help but now that i know more tings, it is good,

i also have opengl superbible wich can complete the RB in some case or explain in a different way.

i think that you must buy many books ans ask a bunch of questions in forums.


  1. Red book is good one.

  2. However if you are interested in OpenGL with Win32 it is good idea to buy Programming Windows by Charles Petzold. Extremely readable book. (Has nothing to do with OpenGL but so far the best explanation of Win32 programming I’ve ever seen)

  3. And yesterday I just reviewed the book OpenGL game Programming by Hawkins Astle. Not bad not bad at all.

  4. If you want to know more about graphic internals, then you would want to look at Computer Graphics C version by Hearn Baker

  5. Finally if you are interested in MFC I got nice book MFC Visual C++ 6 by Mike Blaszczak. This one is also good book.

I suggest you to go in BN and look over these books try to find whether you want them all or some of them. I have (1, 2, 4, 5) and so far they are great.