Buttons and shortsightedness

This is more of a GLUT issue than an OpenGL issue, but I cant seem to find any forums for GLUT, so here it is.

I was looking through the most recent release of GLUT, and I found something rather disconcerting. I noticed that there is no mousewheel support. I understand that the last version of the API that came out was released in '97 or so, but it shows a relative shortsightedness in the realm of controllers. There are only three mouse buttons, and only four joystick buttons supported. Now I understand that there are (or were) a lot of different protocols for handling such devices back in the day, but nowadays an N button mouse is pretty commonplace, and these APIs seem to last quite a while between revisions. How bout creating an API that allows an indefinite amount of buttons, and when there is a means of wiring in a fifth, sixth or twentieth mouse/joystick button, it should be relatively easy. The best thing about that would be, it would allow game programmers to make bindings available for mice that don’t exist yet. Games take a while to program, right now I have a five button mouse, when I am done with my game, how many buttons will the player have on his mouse?

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There is a forum for GLUT. It’s called “OpenGL Toolkits (e.g. GLUT, CPW, GLFW, GLOW)”.