bumpmapping question

Hello I’m trying to do emboss bumpmapping in opengl. I’ve gotten the texture to have that bumped look but it looks a little odd. If you download the GLBUMP2 demo from nvidia and zoom in on the bricks part of the texture you will see what I mean. On the bricks, where the cement/seams are if you look at it as the light moves around you’ll notice that sometimes those seems will look like they are coming out of the texture but most of the time it’s going into the texture. Is there a way to make it so it doesn’t pop out and then pop in as the view angle changes?

Is this a limition of emboss bumpmapping? Or is it something else.


That sounds like the limitations of emboss bump mapping.

Embossed bump mapping usually doesn’t look that great. You might want to investigate Tangent-Space bump mapping (sometimes called DotProduct3 bump mapping).

emboss bumpmapping looks like crap.
i have a emboss demo on my site (profile) + also a proper bumpmapping demo (software) which might be of interest.