bump mapping


i have a very simple question, can i do bump mapping without any extension?

thank you for reply


in opengl 1.3 and with several passes, yes.

How can i check which version of opengl i use?

Opengl 1.3? You must use extensions for that, so I dont think it would work for him.

What do you mean you have to use extensions to use OpenGL 1.3? OpenGL 1.3 is the core and does not involve any extensions.

To check version, use glGetString(GL_VERSION).

i don’t want to use extension to use opengl.
i want to do bump mapping without any extension.


and thank you for the glGetString(…)


i still have my problem, is it possible with opengl 1.3 (i use it) to do bump mapping without extensions


Yes, it is possible, but due to the fact that MS dont upgrade their DLL (opengl32.dll) you have to get the procAdresses for all the 1.3 calls via wglGetProcAddress and not via the .lib or the normal getProcAdress, but its still not extensions.

thank you Mazy that will help me