Bump Mapping

Hi. I’m working on Quake 1’s engine. Please send me an easy unstandable source of Bump Mapping. I’d like to use bumpmap on walls and water to make it realistic. Thanx

do you realise youre almost telling people to send you an already made source of what you want? instead of requesting help and documentation, you want people to make you everything for you?? youre very lazy or your modals are bad ?? I dont know but you should change that already.

Check at NEHE’s tutorials you’ll find many about fake bump mapping at the net as well use GOOGLE Okey?? also why dont you use DOT3 (normal mapping) which is way better than a simple bumpmap …

Now, now bansheeogl… calm down…
Let’s try a different approach…
christian19, how much would you PAY me to write your code?

LOL. Come on, I think you guys are too harsh. He’s just looking for a bump map tutorial (or do you expect him to recreate Blinn’s work etc.), I’m sure he’s ready to do the heavy lifting on the quake work.

It has already been done though (and then some), look here:


oh and here:


Hi all!

Yes I’m very lazy but my modals are not bad. I’m form Hungary and my english language is not the best. I dont want that you send me a complete source code, just a little tutorial’s URL. Ok banshee?

dorbie thanx for your help.