bump mapping tutorial in 2d anyone ?

Does anybody know good bump mapping tutorial (but in 2D, not in 3D) ? Please post a link…
Thanks in advance

You can’t do bumpmaping in pure 2d, as light/surface must be in 3D. If you wish you can precalculate 3D bm and then use it as texture in 2D, but the math is same 3D. Maybe you thought of Emboss bump mapping?
Anyway developer.nvidia.com

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Well, my problem is that my video card is a little old (ATI Rage 128 PRO 16 MB) and it doesn’t support pixels nor vertex shaders(it has gl_ATI_vertex_shader extension but i can’t info how to use it). So i can’t do all the cool looking per pixel lighting and so on. What kind of techniqes i can use to give some eye candy to my side scrooler game ? I was thinking of bump-mapping, but because it’s side scrooler i dont need it to be true 3D.
Well, can anyone tell me what cool looking effects can i do with my hardware ? Post any ideas, suggestions…

As I allready mentioned EmbossBumpMapping -> @ nehe.gamedev.net &@ developer.nvidia.com
But I thimk you should be able to use Ati_v_s ->look at ext regitry.