Bump mapping methods?

I just realized I have not well understood the various bump mapping evolutions. I need to check this for a project I’m going to start, which may take up a lot od pixel-LOD.
As far as I know, there are various approaches:
1- Dot3 with transformed normal fetched from texture
2- Blinn method: as above but with perturbation.
3- Self-shadowing: I only know about horizon bump mapping here but I don’t like it at all. Could you please point out some alternatives?
4- Parallax mapping with offset limiting.
5- Steep parallax mapping.

I would be glad if you could point out some references on the topic. I hadn’t the chance to understand the thing while it was evolving and I now have to catch up.

Thanks in advance!

I would recommend buying some of the shaderX series books that have parallax mapping, dot3 BM, and some off shoots of parallax mapping e.g. self shadowing. Relief mapping is also cover if I remember right.

I was already thinking at getting ShaderX^3 and ^4. Thank you anyway.

As for the online references, I noticed old forum contents are gone (shame on you forum admins!) so I just wanted to point out that

the webpage for steep parallax mapping is

Not directly related to bumpmapping, simplex noise GLSL implementation is at