Building Collada Dom in Visual Studio 2012

At the SourceForge site, solutions/projects to build Collada Dom are available only up to Visual Studio 2010. I am trying to build Collada Dom in Visual Studio 2012. So, I took the projects/solutions for VS2010 and loaded them in VS2012, which automatically updated the projects/solutions to VS2012 format. However, when I try to build, I get lots of error messages saying “unknown compiler version - please run the configure tests and report the results”.

Any idea how to fix those?
Has anyone built Collada Dom in V2012?


I did not get any responses to the above post. But, after quite a bit of searching, investigation, and frustration, I was able to get Collada Dom build with Visual Studio 2012. I am posting some notes here since they might potentially be useful for others needing to build Collada Dom with newer versions of Visual Studio for which Collada Dom solutions/projects/libraries are not currently available at the SourceForge site.

[li]The information about “Building third party libraries for Collada Dom” at the following URL is very helpful :[/li][li]The following libraries will need to be rebuilt:[/li][LIST]
[li]Boost “filesystem” and “system”[/li][li]PCRE[/li][li]Collada Dom[/li][/ul]

[li]I did not have to rebuild other libraries like libxml & zlib.[/li][li]Boost version used by Collada is boost_1_35_0. Among the Boost libraries, only “filesystem” and “system” libraries are needed. Note that Collada dom distribution contains only the projects needed to build these two boost libraries but does NOT contain all the source and header files needed to build them. So, as explained at the above link, first copy the VS projects to the mentioned locations under boost_1_35_0, update the projects to the corresponding version of Visual Studio, and then build. I replaced “visualc.hpp” in boost_1_35_0\boost\config\compiler with the version of that file from a newer distribution of Boost to silence the compiler complaints about not knowing the newer Visual Studio version (The error message was something like “Run configure tests… (blah)”).[/li][li]Building PCRE library. Collada Dom code uses PCRE 8.02. Fortunately, the Collada Dom source distribution available at SourceForge contains this PCRE 8.02 code. As mentioned at the link above, we need to use cmake to generate the Visual Studio solution/projects needed to build PCRE. However, the currently available newer versions of cmake spit out some errors while dealing with the old “CmakeLists.txt” that came with PCRE 8.02. I added the following three lines at the top of that CmakeLists.txt file to avoid those errors.[/li][ul]

[li]By default, the solutions generated by cmake generate libraries with the name “pcre-local.lib” and “pcrecpp-local.lib”. I renamed the Release versions of those as “pcre.lib” and “pcrecpp.lib” and the Debug versions as “pcre-d.lib” and “pcrecpp-d.lib” since those are the names the Collada Dom project expects.[/li][li]After building the Boost and PCRE libraries, build the Collada Dom project. Important thing for me was to bother to build only the static_dom project there to generate the static dom libraries I needed. I got some errors when I tried “Rebuild Solution” since the other two projects in that solution were causing errors. I might have been able to fix them if I investigated further; but, I didn’t bother since I needed only the static Collada dom libraries.[/li][/LIST]