Bug win2000?

I have some problem on Win2000. When i maximaze my window with my render its black rectangle on all bottom and right side screen. Picture as if cut black rectangle over it. Some kind bug windows or my bug? Its happened sometime not every time.

Do you use OpenGL MS Generic implementation? I’ve seen something similar only with it under win2k. The test app performs without problems with Mesa3D or NVidia drivers…
I’ve found also, that this is some kind of maximize problem - the same is not happening, if you resize the window without maximize…

Yes then i use Generic implementation i see that black rectangles. If i don’t use Generic implementation all rendering right.
So how i can pass its bug?

Well, I don’t know - just don’t use it… I know other bugs in MS Win2K OpenGL implementation too. It is a well known fact, that MS relays the Open GL support to the card makers’ drivers.

Well its terrible I’ll need its emplementation for software rendering. Thanx for your help, martin_marinov.

If its at all possible, use Mesa for software. As far as I know, its free to distribute (although I have never looked at its license, so it may not be for free, or it may have the GPL “virus” [see other thread “Seriously, is it worth it?” ]). And it should be faster at software rendering than the MS implementation.

The only downside to using Mesa will be that you will have to manually link to the DLL and get the function pointers. However, if you are supporting Voodoo 1&2, you probably already have to do this anyway, so it might not be a problem.

On second though, if you rename the mesa DLL to opengl32.dll and place it in your app directory than it should find it no problem…although this should disable hardware support, so its probably not what you want either. So you may have to go with the dynamic linking thing

Originally posted by LordKronos:
And it should be faster at software rendering than the MS implementation.

The only problem with Mesa is, that in fact it is about 50% slower than MS Generic implementation And I really don’t know why…

may have the GPL “virus” [see other thread “Seriously, is it worth it?” ]).

Mesa3D versions prior to 3.1 were under the LGPL but now is under the XFree86 license.

format system drive & install a decent operating system.
(sorry i can’t resist)

I have seen a very similar thing with Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3. We got around it first by before we create the context in the window - make the window as large as possible (0, 0, Xmax, Ymax), then create the context, and then move the window
to where we originally wanted it in the first place.

Gotta love that Microsoft Software OpenGL implementation! It should work correctly, shouldn’t it? Maybe they didn’t think that a user would resize a window bigger than it was originally sized. This is probably true for a full-screen non-window’d application - like most games are.