Bug w/ changing resolution and setting Pixel format

My normal Windows desktop runs at 32 bpp right now. When my program changes it to 16 bpp, and then sets the pixel format to something with 16 bpp, it goes really, really slow and gets the colors wrong. It appears that the screen is actually in a 16 bpp mode, and that OGL is rendering at 16 bpp, but that the device context itself is in 32 bpp for some reason. I am sure to create the window after I change the resolution, so the device context should know from the start to be 16 bpp, but it doesn’t. Strangely, if I let my program change the resolution and then quit without changing it back, then start the program again, it runs fine in 16 bpp mode. Any ideas? I can’t find anything in the help files or the docs about this. Thanks for any help!

If you are using Vc++6/7 send me the project in a zipped file and hope i’ll be able to see whats wrong.

OK, I’ve been messing around with it and have determined that it’s not my program’s fault. I was able to duplicate the bug on other games. The moral of the story: don’t buy an Acer!