Bug in W2K OpenGL?

This is in reference to my earlier posting.

I have found that my W2K behaves weirdly within my W2K OGL application. It’s seems that the mouse pointer is creating update blockout regions in windows under certain circumstances.

I have never seen this on any other windows release (though I haven’t used ME) and my guess is that it is because of the pointer shadow in W2K.

Anyone else seen this?

Note: My application is multithreaded.

Lars Wernlund

Just remove the shadow and see what happens. I believe you can do it from the control panel.


I’ve seen it, also mine Win2K does strange things with mouse shadows.

Another thing I saw (I’m not sure it a Win2k fault) is :
I’m loading some 16colours textures saved in a file as resources, if I load 'em on Win95/98/NT/ME they are shown with right colours, on Win2K some of the colours are changed…

Dunno why…

If you are having problems with the alpha cursor and OpenGL, that’s definitely a driver bug. Older HW that doesn’t support alpha cursors will probably have to fall back to a SW cursor or non-alpha cursor when you run OpenGL, and some drivers may implement that incorrectly.

GeForce2 supports alpha cursors in HW.

  • Matt

The GeForce 2 and RadeON cards support that FANTASTIC Win2K shadowed cursor in hardware.

The question is “why can’t we disable that less than useful shadow” ?

Ask Bill

PS : Ooops, I just found you can disable the shadow in the mouse properties

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