Bug in openGL driver?

Hi, I have encountered something which I suspect could be a bug in the openGL drivers (XFree86 & X.org) for Matrox cards and I would like your comments if it’s just a stupid misstake of me or if it looks like a real bug before submitting a repport to the driver maintainers =)

Essentially I have a piece of code that generates a huge amount of displays lists and regurarly either calling them or updating the content of them. When run using an nvidia card and the nvidia driver everything works well but when using a matrox card and the mga driver there is an enourmous memory leak as if the display lists are not overwritten but rather recreated from scratch when they are updated.


void init() {
displaylists = glGenLists(65536);
void draw() {
loop(through everything) {
if(some condition)
else {
… lots of drawing code …


After reading the specs it seems like glNewList should the first time it’s called for a specific list index create everything from scratch and the second time replace the list (eg. delete the old stuff). Is this a correct interpretation or should I somehow use glDeleteList in between?

Many thanks for any comments


Am i using glNewList in the wrong way (eg. should I first delete the data somehow?) or is it correct to use it like this

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