Bug in mat3 constructor / ATI Catalyst 7.2?

I just installed the latest ATI drivers ( Catalyst 7.2 ) today and was surprised to notice that my GLSL shader stopped to work.

I tracked the problem to the following piece of code which transforms a light direction from world space to object space:

mat3 w2oMat = mat3(worldToObj[0].xyz, worldToObj[1].xyz, worldToObj[2].xyz);
vec3 sunDirObj = sunDirWorld.xyz * w2oMat;

I rewrote it in that way:

mat3 w2oMat;
w2oMat[0] = worldToObj[0].xyz;
w2oMat[1] = worldToObj[1].xyz;
w2oMat[2] = worldToObj[2].xyz;
vec3 sunDirObj = sunDirWorld.xyz * w2oMat;

“worldToObj” is defined as a mat4 uniform, and “sunDirWorld” as a vec4 uniform.

Did anybody notice a similar problem ? Or was my code incorrect or non-spec conformant in the first place ?


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