Bug Fix

I’m using texture mapping with fog, and the clipped polygons are distorted. I’ve tried all things I could think of, but the combination FOG-TEXTURE-CLIPPING always gives me this:

To make it more clear, I outlined the error in this picture:

You can download a demo: http://baskuenen.myweb.nl/downloads/fstscape.zip (only 268K download)

Kind of off-topic for this forum…

I ran it on my development system with a GeForce 256 and it works fine.

What are you using?

  • Matt

Yes maybe you’re right, and it is a bit off-topic. But it looks like a bug to me. I’ve tried almost everything I could think of - but the “bug” is still there. I’ve tested it with multiple applications. A lot of different settings. I just can’t seem to get rid of it, and nobody can explain it

I don’t have a 3D card, so I use software rendering. (I know it’s slow - but this is not my problem)

Do you get the bug if you don’t use your 3D card?

Nope, actually, if I run with the MS SW renderer, it works fine there too.

  • Matt

I downloaded a new opengl32.dll, but this didn’t help. Can it possibly be the driver of my 2D video card. Seems very unlikely to me!

Please Help…I think I’m getting a bit desperate about this…

It works great for me too on my Radeon 64MB vivo.


It happens when I’m using 24bit colours!
All is oke when I use 16bit, but 24bit is nicer…

I hope some OpenGL guys can fix this…

Does somebody know where I can report this bug? I’ve looked around for a good email address, but couldn’t find a good bugfix email address…

You can report it to the vendor built your OpenGL drivers (more than likely the company that made your card or chipset). This is a bug in the OpenGL implementation for your drivers, not OpenGL itself.

I tested 8bit colour and this also renders with this “distortion”.

I really believe this is an OGL (software rendering) bug - not a card problem!
This error is on polygons. These are all rendered before send to the 2D card.