buffer region

I have the KTX_buffer_region extension for my Geforce, but what’s weird is that sgi’s site has no information on it:

Instead there is WGL_ARB_buffer_region

Is KTX dead?


WGL_ARB_buffer_region is a replacement for KTX_buffer_region - obviously, NVIDIA still advertise the extension to enable those apps that rely on it (early versions of MAX, at least) to keep working.

If you fancy using the KTX version, ATI’s SDK defines extension constants and function prototypes for KTX_buffer_region (NVIDIA’s SDK defines only ARB_buffer_region).

You’re right though; it is odd it’s disappeared from the registry (was it ever there?).


yeah another undocumented one is glAddSwapHintRectWIN(…) which only worked for me on win98 not win2000 with the same card (then again it is only a hint though)

Yea, there is a bunch of WIN functions I never paied any attention too:

glDrawRangeElementsWIN (GL_WIN_draw_range_elements)

The phong thing was never functional I’m sure.

I used ARB_buffer_region and it works great. Certainly comes in handy during antialiasing.

/edit/Pretty sure it was there but I didnt bother dowloading the docs back then.


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