Budget Busting!

Can anyone bust my budget dilemma? I’m on a limited budget I am limited to certain graphics cards. At the moment I have to choose between a Creative Riva TnT 2 m64 or a ASUS V300c 16 Mb VGA card . I need a new card mainly because I was blessed with a SiS6326 when I bought my computer. I need a card that’s fast in Open GL. This new graphics card will be used for gaming - pure and simple. Are there any other good but cheap video cards out there? Are there any Open GL drivers for SIS 6326? I would really appreciate any ones help .Thanks!

The TNT2 is a good card but getting rather old and has no T&L. If you can afford it is a GeForce2 MX much better.

I looked up the V300c card it seems to be built around a SIS 305. I have not heard anything about it. Most likely is the TNT2 much better for 3d gaming.

For 6326 drivers can you check http://www.sis.com.tw/support/download/6326.htm
I think it has some limited OpenGL support.

Hmmm… What budget do you have and where do you live?

Both the cards you mention are brand name cards. You may be able to find a better card from an unknown company for the same price.