Is anyoene here expirienced in BSP-Trees?
If so I have some questions:
1.Does it really make sense to use a BSP_Tree with Opengl?
I want to say I think using a Bsp-Tree for Hidden Surface Removal is no good idea because for this Task opengl Z-Buffering would be faster.But to sort out all Polys in a scene which the Player cannot see in the actual frame I think it´s the right way.
2.So if i´m right and it makes sense to use a BSP-Tree with Opengl,where to find a understandable tutorial or explanation of Bsp-Trees or perhaps some Source Code?
I only found Eddie…´s(I don´t remember the whole name)BSP-Tutorial which I think is very hard to understand.
Any suggestions and/or Links welcome!

I have source to a BSP tree program on my webpage. Should be easy to follow.


Alwas amazing what one can fand on nate´s excellent site!!!

Implementing a BSP-Tree currently I feel that it isn´t a easy thing to implement so I would be happy(Don´t worry be…) for Suggestions concerning my first question.