BSOD in Pro/Engineer with FireGL 2 card

We have seen the following BSOD on a number of motherboards when running Pro/Engineer.


The occurance is apparently random.

The hardware is as follows:

FireGL2 graphics card (several driver
versions including 2070 (current))


Windows NT Workstation 4.0 SP6a.

There seems to be little information on this
STOP message in the MS knowledge base. Has
anyone encountered this bug code before in
Pro/E or other OpenGL app? Any suggestions
for remedies?

Thanks for any information

You could try going to and using one of the tech support numbers posted there, but I’m not very hopeful that you’ll get much help, since as I understand it FireGL is not in a transition state between Diamond (SonicCube and ATI). And neither Diamond nor ATI are known for their responsive tech support.

There are a lot of sws that are showing this BSOD. Pro-E is only one example but I’ve other examples with the Powershape Delcam sw and think3, altair, etc.
For some of those applications seems the latest version 2088 solved the problem but it’s not the case for all.
In any case sometimes this case is only due to bad installation sequences (chipset driver, video driver, etc.)